The Road to a Better Education

EDS 111 – Final Sharing

Being a teacher is very noble.  A teacher has the moral responsibility to impart knowledge and information, instruct and guide others, and to cause change.  Other professionals like doctors or lawyers will not come about without teachers.  A teacher will not be a teacher without a teacher.  Thus, to be able to fulfill these duties, teachers should learn how to be effective.

Now, to be able to continue the nobility of the teaching profession, teachers should learn how to do that.  This is the realization that I had in this course.  Being a teacher does not only mean being expert in the subject matter.  It entails a lot more as the goal is to optimize student learning.  If some of my students do not do well or behave well, will being an expert in the subject matter enough?  No, because there are a lot more other things that the teacher should consider.  This is where the concepts and principles learned in this course comes in.  For example, check and balance can be done by practicing critical reflection.  The seven knowledge bases makes me as a future teacher aware of the importance of other aspects that I should look into and not just the content of what I teach.  The awareness for the need for creativity will aid me in encouraging interest and excitement in students.  The issue on diversity will guide me in maintaining respect and equality in class.  These are just some examples of how important learning these concepts/principles is.  It gives guidance in planning and creating instructions and keeps the teacher on track of the goal of teaching.

After realizing these insights, I should not stop there.  With these in mind, this early while still finishing my educational units, I should start envisioning what I will do as a teacher.  As a teacher, I should aim to produce students who are not just academically competent but also have developed skills that will be useful when they go out in the real world.  They should be ready in all aspects.  My goal should include producing students who are able to deal with problems and who are able to conduct themselves properly amidst difficulties and challenges.  For these to have, I should aim to create activities that will help students be independent, persistent, critical thinkers, problem solvers, emotionally stable, among others.

Though it will take some time until I become a full-pledged teacher and even when I will be able to practice scholarly teaching, I can start practicing how to be an effective teacher.  With the advancement of technology nowadays, I need to take advantage of the opportunity to learn.  I should add on to my knowledge what other people have studied and be critical in analyzing and selecting which of these learning will best help me in the future.

Being a teacher as mentioned entails effecting changes as well.  As a teacher, I should be open and be active in projects that will support better learning.  I should initiate changes in the teaching practice that I think is better.  For instance, the aim to produce a more student-centered type of education is something that I believe will be good so I should practice this in my own class in the future and encourage my colleagues to do the same.  Having a more well-structured and well-planned continuing professional development programs should be also be looked into as there is a need for teachers to continuously grow and learn.

Just like any other profession, the teaching profession should also be valued and given priority also when it comes to development.  Just as we value doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., teachers are also I believe indispensable but unfortunately nowadays are not given that much importance.  As a future teacher then, I should help in maintaining the integrity of the teaching profession and do my best in achieving the goals I mentioned above.


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